For undergraduates, graduates and young professionals

Whether you are a student, a graduate, or a young professional just starting your career, an international internship demonstrates your commitment and determination … and adds influence to your resume.

Applying your studies in a practical and professional environment, gives you the experience and confidence to impress prospective employers. Add your greatly improved technical and commercial English skills and you are on a fast track to success ! In today’s competitive world, practical experience is often valued more by employers than your degree.

We carefully ‘match’ your skills and objectives with challenging and meaningful internships, which are often project based. Be prepared to accept responsibility and demonstrate your ability to work on your own initiative, or as part of a team. GET AHEAD and enquire today ! !


All our internships are UNPAID and full time, five days per week.

You will need at least INTERMEDIATE LEVEL English to apply for this programme

We can arrange almost ANY type of commercial, professional or industrial placement …

From accounting to advertising …

From IT and web design to import/export

From marketing to manufacturing … and

From teaching to tourism …

Simply tell us what you require and we’ll do our very best to ensure we find it !

Remember, the internship involves real, practical work in your field, not ‘shadowing’ !


We have more experience in this field than any organisation in the UK. We have specialised in arranging internships for international applicants for 19 years … and we do nothing else.

We ensure that you have a meaningful placement, in keeping with your career objectives.

  • Our interns don’t watch, they are involved from day one !
  • We work with your university to meet your course obligations to gain academic credits.
  • We meet you on arrival here and provide an induction, orientation and a welcome pack.
  • We arrange homestay accommodation as close as possible to your workplace.
  • We visit and vet all host companies and host families on your behalf.
  • We ensure compliance with all Health & Safety regulations in the workplace.
  • We provide you with FULL information about your host company and host family.
  • We assign a personal mentor to provide you with ongoing support throughout your stay.
  • We are accustomed to working with Leonardo da Vinci and ERASMUS groups.
  • We arrange group excursions and social events.

You only pay our fee AFTER all the arrangements are completed to your satisfaction!

and you will get £100 discount from your fees by referring a friend!

You will need INTERMEDIATE LEVEL English to apply for an internship.
First, you complete our application form and provide any other information we need. This is followed by our search of suitable host companies, our visits to those companies to discuss workplans and projects and to arrange workplace mentors. The search process often takes several weeks and we update you with our progress. Once the process is complete, you will be told everything you need to know about the host company and your role with them. If you would like an application form, please use the Contact page.

We moved away from London to give our interns a SAFE and more pleasant environment.

Our internships are now based in the Swansea area of South Wales. This is a vibrant commercial, industrial and tourism area. On the beautiful Gower Peninsula, Swansea is a coastal city with excellent links to the whole of the UK. It has a large international student population and is renowned for its awesome nightlife ! People here speak English at work and at home, but there is great pride in the Welsh culture and the Welsh language is also spoken by some. Swansea City AFC (‘The Swans’) is the only Premier League football team in Wales … whilst most people know that this area is the spiritual home of Rugby, which is almost a religion here in Wales !

We arrange homestay accommodation as part of our service, but self catering options are also available for those who prefer their independence. Renting student rooms or sharing a house may seem a great option, but there can be disadvantages …

A homestay provides a safe, comfortable, single room with a shared bathroom and two meals each day. Laundry facilities are provided and you live with a local family, benefitting from all their local knowledge and of course, you have to speak English ! You pay the host family direct, monthly in advance and every host family has been visited by our staff.

Renting may seem cheaper, until you consider that you will have to pay a deposit in advance, plus a month’s rent, plus your domestic bills and your food … and you have to cater for yourself and do your own laundry. Added to this, most landlords require a minimum six months rental agreement and will not consider shorter lets.